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Monthly SIP is the Best Option!

November 24, 2018

If people ask me What to do with the Current Market Problems, I can say Only one-thing: Convert those Problems to Opportunity!

The current problem here referred is the New Monthly Lows happening to Smallcaps & Midcaps.

Even my portfolio is showing 10% loss!

One cannot avoid such problems.  But in reality We should be seeing the Fundamentals instead of the Market Price. 

If the Fundamentals are Falling.. that is a Real Problem!

If the Stock Prices are Falling.. that is an Opportunity!

The Opportunity!

Imagine if you invested in a scrip of rs. 100 expecting it to be 500% returns in 5 years. 

Now the price felled to rs. 50! But the fundamentals are intact & better!

What you should do?

In this case you should buy more as now the Returns Possibility is 1000%!!  It just doubled!!

(rs. 50 to 500)

So how you would know which is the Best Price?

The only option is SIP!

Systematic Monthly Investments on Growth Scrips ensures that You will Sweep all the Low Prices.

Ensure that you Divide your Yearly Corpus on stocks Equally too!

Spend Less Time in Market

It is a well know fact that those who spend more time in market will gain less!

So focus more on your Career, Make more Savings, SIP in Growth Scrips, Give few years, Allow the Tree to Grow, Reap from the Super Gains!!


New Multibagger #4 Released

November 5, 2018

Dear Paid Subscribers, Please check your Mail for the New Multibagger released.

The company is in electrical segment, with high growth in the past, available at 60% discount from peak, should be a  5X multibagger in next 5 years.

Note 1 All the 4 recommended scrips in past 3 months are available in the recommended price range.   So you can start buying all these 4 multibaggers now too. This market crash is a good portfolio opportunity for long term vision investors. #portfolio

Note 2: Only 1% people make money in stock market – they are long termers. Remaining 99% short-termers, medium-termers, traders & IPO flippers gets washed away in a Bear Market! #wisdom

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Protected: The Man who screwed up himself Buying all the Growth stocks in the Market!

September 29, 2018

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Protected: Key to Survive this Bear Market!

September 23, 2018

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Futurecaps Investor Master Mind

August 18, 2018

Thank you All for the Subscription Participation! Already 2 Multibaggers were released to the Subscribers. They have the Potential to become 5-10 Times Growth in next 5 Years!

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Also, Futurecaps would like to remind few Master Mind Quotes which Survived Decades of Stock Market Investing.

Investor sees Value amateurs sees Price

Investor works for Tomorrow amateurs works for today

Emotional Fluttering is the reason 95% people lose money in stock market

Emotional Fluttering of these 95% People gives opportunity to the remaining 5% Investors to buy at low & sell at high

Noise Constitutes 95% of the investment arena eg: news, tv advisers, brokers, tips & short term investors

Market Moves Up or Down due to these Noises including short-term investors.

Fundamental Investor convert these Nose Problems to Advantage by Buying Low & Selling High using the tool  of Fundamental Analysis

Potato Theory says you should be happy to buy more stocks when it crashed as it multiplies the returns in future

Fundamental Analysis ensures the company have good foundation, growth perspective & led by prudent management

Long Term Compounding takes multiple years to happen

Investing is Passive Job while Trading is Active Job

Two Types of Investing are there – Wealth Creation & Income Generation

Stock Market Investing is meant for Long Term Investing where Companies use Investor money for Expansion thereby creating Wealth through Sales & Profits.

Short Term & Medium Term Investing only creates Wealth for Brokers, Advisers & Government

Income Generation strategy ensures one can reach Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom enables one to Self-Actualize the Life

Stock Market coupled with Income Generation strategies allow one to reach Financial Freedom in just 5 Years!  Ask How!


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Advanced Training

Investor Master Mind is a set of beliefs & responses carved into the sub-conscious mind so that the Decisions are in-line with Long Term Investing.  If you require Programming the Investor Master Mind please let us know.


I am Back!

August 3, 2018

Hope you remember me! There was a time where I used to post multiple multibaggers in this site.  Then SEBI came with the restriction on advisers – hence I discontinued public posting.

Now I have attained the necessary SEBI Certifications (NISM XV – Research Analyst Certification). So now I can post in public media.  My SEBI registration number is: 1800100568.


As always, I wanted to keep the Noise out of the picture & rely on the fundamentals.  I use Warren Buffett Way of Analysing companies.

Current Situation

I really know the current situation where smallcaps & midcaps are thrashed to the floor. The reasons could be many – overvaluation, demonetisation, poor economy, greed, fear etc.

Luckily, I was able to sell all the holdings early 2018 itself.  I was seeing the over-valuation of NIFTY and the mad run on stocks during the time.  So I acted against the crowd & saved from disaster.

NOW, I can see lot of advisers are asking subscribers to sell their holdings at loss.  One adviser (with an audi car) released sell advice for one dozen stocks.  I cannot believe that how irrational & irresponsible they are to be a massive wealth destructor!

Root Cause

The root cause of problem lies with both adviser & investors.  Both parties wanted to be Rich quickly without having the fundamental learning, patience & long term vision.

In reality, only promoters & advisers became rich!

So if You wanted to become rich, You need to be a Long Term Investor!

Good Advisers

At the same time, I have seen good advisers (very few) who stopped giving buy-signals few months back itself.  They know the Valuations were high & parked the money out of stocks.

Long Term Vision

The people who made the losses are those without a Long Term Vision.  In stock market we are Investing on companies which are a Plant today, It will take real time of 5 years 10 years or even 20 years to become a Tree!

So if you wanted 10X, 20X or 100X returns, there should be Long Term Vision!!

Investment Mix

As I said previously, we should have an Investment % Mix of aggressive : safe proportion that will vary based on valuation.

During the OVERVALUTION times, I prefer to have the mix of 25:75 where 25% will be parked in equity and 75% in high yielding bonds, deposits, real estate etc.

During the UNDERVALUATION times, the mix can be adjusted to 50:50 levels.

During the RECESSION times, the mix can be 100:0 levels or even 125:0 levels where one can even take loans to invest.

CURRENT MIX is 50:50 as of Jul 2018.

Potato Theory

I believe in the old potato theory of Warren Buffet.. If you bought potato yesterday for rs. 10 and today it is rs. 5 you should be happy about buying it!

This is because the rationale investor is seeing the real gain in the future at Rs. 5000! So the lesser the price, the bigger is the gain %!

High Fee won’t Guarantee High Profit

It is not the High Advisory Fee that matters! It is the Investment Strategy X Invested Quantity X Invested Time X Patience going to give you High Profits & Build Wealth.

I have seen one high paid adviser taking rs. 1 lakh for the advise for 5 stocks per year.  The reason was few of the past recommendations gave 3X returns in 6 months.

Now that made the investors greedy and put more money in the next 5 stocks, eventually all of them were sold yesterday at loss price.  So the past gains also wiped off & the adviser fee too.

So a high fee does not guarantee success!

Paid Adviser Service

In the current times of panic, I can see real opportunities bubbling up, there are few scrips with good fundamentals, growth potential with right valuation range.

Hence I would like to restart the publishing at this moment.


I will be having 2 Services now:

  • Free Service where multibaggers are published with basic information, no tracking
  • Paid Service where concentrated list of multibaggers will be published with details, tracking updates, educational & investment tips.

I wanted to keep the Paid Service at a Low Price of rs. 1999 per year, so that more retail investors can participate, no piracy & customer wins!

You can Purchase Subscription here!

Futurecaps Performance

August 18, 2015

The past 3-5 year Performance of Futurecaps shows that we are up to par with the professional analysts.



Lot of people email us why we are not providing further recommendations.  The reason was already published, as per SEBI guideline we should not provide Stock Recommendations without an Analyst Certificate.

Hopefully, one of our “too busy” analysts should come up with the certification shortly.

Our dream is to launch “Futurecaps Supercaps” during 2016 and show a return of 1000% in just 2 years.


Why Day Traders won’t become Millionaires?

July 16, 2015

Stock Market is very tricky that 90% of the investors are trapped in the first step called “Day Trading”. Let us analyze some facts that makes them a failure, while they are unaware of these. I have validated these with Brokers & Analysts .


Consulting with a 10 year experienced Day Trader, the maximum profit he can make is 5% per month.

This is how we conclude Net Profit of 5%:

The costs of each trade are:
1) Buy/Sell – 1% cost including brokerage, exchange charge, STT etc.
2) Capital Gain – 15% on net profit of year end

For 10 trades the winning pattern with 10% gain or 10% loss is.
1) 5 Profit Trades =
2) 3 Loss Trades
3)) 2 Break Even Trades

Here 10% gain will come down to 8% including charges & capital gain
Loss or Break Even will add additional 1% too.

So the summary is
5 Profit Trades = 5 * 8% = 40%
3 Loss Trades = 3 * 11% = -33%
2 Break Even Trades = 2 * 1% = -2%
So that makes Net Profit of 5%

So the yearly profit is 60%. After deducting Capital Gain Tax of 15%, the profit comes down to 50% yearly.


these retail day traders are trading with 1-2 Lakhs of capital, so their profit per year is 50 thousand rs. Plus, they have to deduct electricity, internet & tips expenses too.


is 40000 rs. per year OR 4000 rs. per month.


Because, in order to be rich, they have to increase the capital, which they won’t! As they don’t have confidence in the 5% profit too!!


Day trading happens 9-3 office time and one has to do it replacing their office hours.


If the above day trader was working in another job, his 10 year experience would have earned him 10 Lakhs Rs. salary after tax, per year.

So they are loosing money in that manner.

I hope this clarifies that Why a (retail) Day Trader won’t be rich.

SEBI Restrictions

December 26, 2014

As per SEBI’s new restriction on recommendations, we are waiting for getting the analyst certification.

Till then no new recommendations.  Sorry for the same.


Stock Updates

November 5, 2014

Panasonic Energy, Saksoft, Poddar Developers rendered 100% returns in 3 months.  Congratulations! (if you are holding it) 🙂

You may wish to hold/sell Panasonic Energy.  Delisting on card.  news link

Mirza International holding 30% returns from recommendation.  It posted flat-quarterly results.  We recommend to sell it if Sep 2014 result too is flat.  Switching to promising counters like Mahindra Lifespace (100% Trailing EPS Growth) would prove better in coming year.

Kovai Medical Center (30% returns) posted impressive quarterly results.  Should be good to hold ahead.


We are working towards predicting the end of bull run to do a massive sell of all stocks.  Our barometers says 1-2 years would be safer to play with.